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Happier, Healthier Pets

Keep your pet happy and healthy with professional cat and dog grooming at Furry Friends Beauty Shop. We offer a full range of health and beauty services for dogs and cats of all breeds.

Nail Clipping a Cat

Complete Grooming

Regular grooming is the best way to ensure your pets always look their best. We do everything from nail trimming to shampoo cleaning using high-quality shampoos. Whether you want a simple trim for your dog or a fancy hairstyle, our groomer does an excellent job at a great price.

Competitive Prices

Caring for your pet doesn't have to cost a fortune. The price may vary depending on the type of coat and size of your pet.

Price List

Add-on > Whole nine yards (nail grinding, teeth brushing, and conditioner) $12.00, nail grinding $6.00, teeth brushing $6.00 ($9.00 for the first visit), furminator (de-shed) $19.50, medicated shampoo $6.50, conditioner $6.00.

Walk-in > Nail trim $9.00, nail grinding $6.00, ear cleaning $5.00, pads shave and feet trim $9.00, teeth brushing $6.00 (first visit $9.00), head and face trim $13.00.

Safe & Kind

Our groomer and assistants have the skill and experience to handle any pet safely. We treat all our animals with kindness and gentleness. For your pet's safety, we ask you to provide the vaccination record for Rabies.

Walk-in Service

We offer tooth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and grinding on the spot for your convenience.

However, if your pet needs a bath and/or haircut, please schedule an appointment.